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Using her spirit guides, Natalie has spent the majority of her Psychic Career focusing on assisting municipal police in both murder and missing person's cases.  Natalie finds this work very rewarding because she knows that she is bringing resolution and peace to the survivors of these violent crimes.  Her work with the police has enabled her to see that many private citizens could also benefit from her gift and has since decided to offer her services to the general public. This allows her to assist people in finding answers and peace of mind.  Natalie offers both private and group sessions by appointment only.  Her spiritual guides and gift enable her to foresee events in the future, and allow her clients contact with their departed loved ones.
Please be aware that Natalie is forthcoming with the information she sees and will impact both unpleasant and happy finds as she receives them.  It is recommended that you let her know what type of information you do or do not want to hear before your reading.  As the client, you must understand that you cannot pick and choose the information she receives, but you can ask specific questions.

If you would like to schedule a reading with Natalie, please be so kind as to fill out the form below.

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